At Complete Personal Styling, Linda listens to her clients' needs and goals, and understands that there is a lot more to styling than just fashion. In a step by step process, Linda assesses each key element of style, to correct visual proportion and colour to achieve balance and harmony in each area, and then brings it all together to create a refreshed and updated look.

Clients seek Linda's guidance for a variety of reasons. They may be returning to the workforce, experiencing a lifestyle change or simply wanting to update their image. Whatever the motivation, Linda is able to assist each client using the latest in style techniques, to make a multitude of small seemingly insignificant changes that will dramatically impact their overall look.

Each client can select which service or package they desire - from a personal style consultation, a colour or wardrobe assessment, through to a fun shopping experience for clothing. Sessions are one on one with Linda; a highly trained image stylist, beauty therapist, hairdresser and Mum of 3. Most sessions are conducted over 2 hours and consultations are held at her consulting room in Camberwell.

"Call me today for more information on how we can start the changes that will last you a lifetime. I look forward to meeting you" Linda Drodge

diana ferrari

Curious to know how to highlight your best features?

diana ferrari is delighted to announce the services of our independent Style Consultant are now available at your favourite diana ferrari boutiques in Victoria!
Our industry renowned stylist, Linda Drodge can work with you to evolve your own personal style with suggestions, selections, colour matching, figure matching and coordination.
This personalised, one-on-one consultation service runs for 1.5 hours and is valued at over $300 but only costs $50 which is fully redeemable against diana ferrari purchases.

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Personal Style Analysis

1 x 2 hour consultation

This is an excellent introduction to the world of style. It is our foundation stone for building on the knowledge that creates memorable and successful images. The outcome of this consultation allows you to discover styles, lengths and proportions that will flatter your body shape to maximize your best features

  • You will learn how to express your individual style in our overview of fashion and accessories to create new updated looks
  • You will feel more confident in choosing clothing for the body that you have right now
  • It will simply your life and make shopping for clothes and accessories easier
  • Receive a personalised style portfolio


Colour Analysis

1 x 2 hour consultation

Discover the important role that colour plays in achieving a great look. You will learn the powerful impact that colour can have on how you feel, but also how others perceive you.
Using the latest method of Flow Colour Analysis you will learn how to

  • Select the best range of colours for your wardrobe that make you look healthy, youthful and energetic.
  • Learn how to use new season colours and accessories to keep your look updated with current fashion trends
  • Plan and develop your wardrobe around core colours to achieve maximum results
  • Receive a personalised colour swatch and booklet


Wardrobe Organisation

1 x 3 hour consultation

This is one of the most empowering and uplifting experiences that you can do for yourself and your wardrobe. This consultation is designed to be taken after your personal style and colour assessment.
Linda will work with you to gently assess your current wardrobe and to complete the following tasks;

  • De-clutter, remove or store unflattering items
  • Identify clothing that is in need of alterations or repair
  • Create a wardrobe of co-ordinated separates
  • Plan future purchases to fill wardrobe gaps


Personal Shopping

1 x 3 hour consultation

Do you spend hours wandering around shopping centres to find the perfect outfit without success? Before we begin our shopping trip, we will start with a great cup of coffee and finalise your list of future purchases before heading off to the stores. Here you will learn many tips on how to be a "savvy" shopper and have fun along the way.
On your planned shopping trip Linda will assist you to explore new fashions and trends applying the practical aspect of previous sessions.

  • Learn how to select unique, affordable and versatile pieces
  • Shop for your current needs within a budget
  • Save time, money and gain renewed confidence in shopping
  • Regular bookings for seasonal updates and special occasions are also available.


Personal Grooming

1 x 2 hour consultation

The power of a great hairstyle should never be underestimated, as it can totally transform your look, and professionally applied makeup can take years off when you know the colours, techniques and latest products on the market. If you are still wearing the same hairstyle or applying your makeup in the same way for the last 5 years, you are likely to end up in a style rut that may be adding years to your look.

Beginning with a professional 30 min skin analysis, Linda will be able to guide your skincare routine as well as give independent advice on the most suitable skincare products to help you achieve maximum results.

The next step is to learn the secrets of an up-to-date make up application combined with a personalized tuition lesson.

Complete this session with discussing how to select the most flattering and appropriate hair style that reflects your image, as well as being practical for your lifestyle.